In order for you to be able to enjoy optimal support outside of my abilities, you need qualified and reliable partners. These include, above all, Physiotherapy Dominik Wiesel for therapeutic support and Nutritionist for in-depth nutritional counseling.

Physiotherapy Dominik Wiesel

Dominik Wiesel is a studied physiotherapist and works in his practice holistically to achieve an efficient and long-term success with his patients.

“The top priority during a treatment is not always to work directly on the problem, but to understand the body in front of you and to recognize the cause of the suffering”.

He has specialised in osteopathic working methods in combination with manual therapy and functional movements.

Physiotherapy Wiesel
+49 (0) 174 / 3784410
Rotweinstraße 49

55218 Ingelheim


Nutritionist – Nutrition, Health, Biohacking

After years of Philipp Pfeiffer’s own experience with severe health problems alongside a high-potential lifestyle including a law degree at Oxford University and many years of competitive sports, he turned his passion into a profession and founded Nutritionist.

Nutritionist is an online consulting company for nutritional counseling, health coaching and biohacking. Special focus is on energy enhancement, chronic diseases and health optimization.

+49 (0) 176 61896498  


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