My services include Personal Training, Group Fitness and Health Management in companies as well as Specialist Lectures on the current status of training, exercise therapy, health and nutrition in the Mainz area.

I also offer all my services in digital form through online tools such as video conferencing or the provision of appropriate electronic media.


Personal Training

Are you looking for optimal training, a combination of health maintenance, therapy, progression and mental relaxation? Your leisure time is precious and you want to use it as efficiently as possible? Your health is important to you, but unfortunately health-promoting activities are often neglected in your everyday life?
Personal Training offers you the perfect solution in this respect. In a personal care your individual conditions are dealt with by an extensive anamnesis. Furthermore, the latest scientific knowledge is applied in the fulfillment process of your goals. With the help of numerous training materials, your body will be kept fit in a variety of ways and your attitude to physical activity in everyday life will be strengthened again. Give your health and well-being a decisive role in your life again – you only live once!


When carrying out your individual training, various training and regeneration utensils are used in order to achieve an optimal ratio of load, recovery and relaxation for your needs.

You are interested in a support by AJ – Personal Training & Group Fitness? In only three steps we are already directly in training and on the right way to reach your wishes!

1. Non-binding appointment
2. Anamnesis
3. Start of training

Take the first step towards better health and arrange a non-binding appointment!


Online Coaching

You would like to train on your own, but you still don’t want to miss professional coaching?
With the help of, I give you access to your personal training app. I provide you with a training plan tailored to your needs. So you can do your training independently and highly flexible, independent of time and place. You give me your training feedback directly in the app, so I can constantly adjust the training load to your performance. If you are unsure about the correct execution of an exercise despite the motion video and description, you can contact me directly via the app’s internal chat function. I will give you feedback as soon as possible so that you can continue your training as quickly as possible.

What stands in your way now? Let’s go! After a short anamnesis your individual training plan will be created and you can start immediately!


Group Fitness

You don’t think it’s an option to do sports alone? Do you have motivated family members or friends with whom you would like to do something for your health? Have you always wanted to get to know a certain form of training? Together you can overcome your weaker self and reach an unknown fitness level as a team!

I’m happy to design a group training course exactly according to your wishes and goals!

For a brief overview of possible Group Fitness courses, in the following is a list of a few focal points and training concepts:

  • Full body workout
  • Circuit training
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Mobility training
  • Fasciae training
  • Core Training
  • Running school/training
  • Coordination training
  • Pilates
  • Nordic Walking

Your Group Fitness wish is not to be found here? Just ask at AJ – Personal Training & Group Fitness! If your request does not correspond to my range of services, qualified trainers will be recommended to you from the network of AJ – Personal Training & Group Fitness.


Health management

Is the health and morale of your employees important to you? The ability to work in a team is indispensable for your daily work and would you like to improve it?
According to your wishes, I develop a health concept for your employees that is tailored solely to your company. Be it in the form of a workshop on exercises that can be easily integrated into everyday working life for better stability or mobility or in the form of a pure lecture on the relevance of regular physical activity for a healthy life. Above all, the establishment of regular fitness courses is an efficient means of promoting the general well-being of your employees.

Contact me and we will find a “healthy” solution for your company!


Specialist Lectures

In today’s fast-moving world of changing times and research into ever new insights into health and performance enhancing measures, it is almost impossible for the general employee to stay up to date and find the most profitable training for himself. It is therefore extremely difficult to distinguish between training that is beneficial for the individual and training that is counterproductive. Often health impairments or damage occur in the short or even medium to long term due to incorrect execution of movements and incorrect selection of training.

I would be pleased to inform you about the current state of knowledge and trends on health-influencing topics!

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