I am pleased to welcome you to my homepage and to have aroused your interest in my work. My name is Dr. Alexander John, I live in Mainz and work as a Personal trainer in the Mainz area. I would like to briefly explain to you what distinguishes me as a Personal trainer, both professionally and personally:

Motives and development of affinity for healthy sports activities

Due to my affinity for sports, I began to give athletics training as a teenager in addition to my own sporting activity. In order to improve both my own and the athletic performance of my training participants, I became more and more interested in fitness training. In 2010, this led to the first certified training in the field of health-oriented training and the start of sports and mathematics studies at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. By leading fitness courses for all age groups and performance levels as well as working in the gym, I was able to apply and deepen my knowledge in a practical way. Over the following years I trained as a fitness trainer (A-license, 2013) and especially in the field of personal training (Master Personal Trainer, 2016). The work with people under the aspect of the healthy sport driving as well as the achievement promotion, not only in the physical range, came increasingly into my focus.

Furthermore, my studies in sports science and my PhD as well as work as a research assistant made a significant contribution to my specialist knowledge. In research, I have specialized in investigating the effects of physical activity on cognitive processes in order to ideally promote mental capacity in addition to the optimal physical training benefit. So I stay up to date with the latest training science and always try to get the best out of your precious training time.


In order to underpin my competences, a selection of relevant qualifications is listed below:

  • PhD in Sport Science
  • Research Assistant and Teacher at the Institute of Sports Science, University of Mainz
  • Master of Education Sports and Mathematics
  • DFLV Master Personal Trainer
  • DFLV Fitnesstrainer A-License
  • DFLV Therapy Trainer
  • DFLV Functional Trainer
  • Massage specialist
  • DSV Snowboard Instructor A-License

If you are interested in my scientific research, you will find below a short overview of the studies published so far:

If you still have questions about me or my knowledge or if you are not sure whether I can successfully implement your individual goals, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be glad to help you!

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